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Dec 31, 2012 10:00pm EST
publications on the sly, on the side. the hero of the book, beverly snow, ran the city's finest restaurant called the epcurian eating house. he is hero of the book. i think of him as a barack obama slightly ahead of his time. intelligent mixed race man who comes out of nowhere to charm washington. serve the washington elite what they want only to face a tremendous backlash. read the book you will see parallels to our own time there anyway, the point is, that in this book, far from slavery being dominant in washington, d.c. and all oppressive force, slavery is actually receding and the forces of liberty are growing and that is really part of what this book is about. second thing you probably think is the civil war began in, oh, you know, april 1861 with the gunfire at fort sumter. that is when the shooting of the civil war began but part of the argument of this book that the civil war actually began 30 years before that. it is in this period, in the early 1800's that the antsy slavery movement first comes to washington and the direct idealogical conflict that leads to the civil war, the con
Jan 29, 2013 9:00am PST
on a visibly bright day. >> a new show reveals what life is like for the "wives of beverly hills plastic surgeons." now one wife, dana, describes what it's like being cut on by her own hearusband. >> it might be great. it might be after a fight -- >>> and plus, win an ipod mini. >> and you try doing this after -- >> nine shots of vodka. >> he'll never let him forget. >>> the traffic is california, as if it wasn't bad enough. check out this standstill on interstate 880 near the oakland colosseum. there's a couple of boneheads doing doughnuts in the middle of the interstate. whipping their cars around, laying rubber all over the interstate at some sort of impromptu car stunt. how do you pull this off on an interstate with moving traffic. >> looks like they have friends in the pack of cars that slowly came to a stop, made a break. caused the traffic to back up behind them. so the roadway was clear and these guys could pull these doughnuts. to stop traffic in this northbound lane. of course, all the other side you have the rubber neckers slowing down to check out what's happening. whole mess
Jan 25, 2013 5:00am EST
. beverly farmer is going to have traffic in a moment and howard starts us off. >>> it's going to be later this afternoon. maybe early afternoon out west toward the shenandoah valley, i- 81 corridor into the mountains. i think mid-afternoon here in d.c. and it doesn't look like a lot. maybe an inch, two, that's about it. tough to get excited snow lovers but we will have some snow in the air and certainly it's cold enough whatever falls is going to be sticking on untreated surfaces. here's a look ott the day planner. we're starting with the clouds. you know by early afternoon, we could have some areas seeing some light snow developing even 1:00 but that should be west of town. by 3:00 some snow moving in and look at the temps in the upper 20s and that's why we're talking about stickage and 5:00 still some snow around and maybe even in toward the evening so we're watching the snow. the afternoon rush could be affected. we're watching the snow. you'll see it coming in toward ohio now. this is going to take a while to get here plus the air is very dry. winter weather advisories many effect for
Jan 25, 2013 6:00am EST
in orange, virginia right now. 18 annapolis and going up to 28 here in d.c.. monika is off today but beverly farmer is standing by with the latest timesaver traffic. >>> and the drive is pretty good one. certainly on major arteries we are clear and dry. out of the neighborhoods, may have the potential for the refreezing just a warning to you there. both an foot and in -- on foot and if your car. travel southbound 270 out of frederick. the delays are south of here. then good out of clarksburg and jermantown to points south. maryland beltway we've been in good shape and an early morning crash on the bw parkway inside the beltway southbound is gone. water main crews though still working on kenilworth avenue. they're blocking a left lane each way until further notice. here approaching fair oaks and on into vienna and falls church. the 95 corridor any volume building at all into quantico and woodbridge is brief. into springfield and on to 395 all open for you. green and yellow rail line commuters you have a delay near the l'enfant plaza. >>> vice president joe biden took the campaign for gun cont
Jan 6, 2013 12:30am EST
are they white or they occupy a good portion of your book? >> guest: 's tim and beverly lahaye are less well-known than they should be. they actually were involved in very important religious movements from the 1960s through the very late 1990s. they were part of a research and evangelical culture. they, like so many other southern evangelicals, migrated to california, set up mega-churches, educational institutions and eventually became differently involved in politics. beverly lahaye who is a particular interest of mine in this book, founded a group called concerned women for america which still claims to be the largest women's political organization in the united states. she based her organization on five spiritual principles, the bible, the family, patriotism, the sanctity of marriage, the sanctity of life and she began to litigate, arguing that religious parents should have more control for example over what their children were taught in school, arguing that the era, the equal rights amendment for women was a violation of the fundamental order of things, and winning many of these cases.
Jan 16, 2013 11:00am PST
how much barry bonds's beverly hills pad is going for. as a mom, you spend a lot of time helping others. hamburger helper can help you back. and with box tops for education on every box, it helps you help your school. so you're doing good, just by making dinner. hamburger helper. available at walmart. i just finished a bowl of your light chicken pot pie soup and it was so rich and creamy... is it really 100 calories? let me put you on webcan... lean roasted chicken... and a creamy broth mmm i can still see you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. >>> it was a pretty scary scene, two people now dead in central london this morning after a helicopter crashes down into the street during the morning rush hour. scotland yard says that helicopter hit a construction crane because of all the thick fog, then burst into flames as it hit two cars below. the flames everywhere. that crash sends people running everywhere in every direction. officials say four other people who were on the ground during the time of that crash, they were also hurt. metropolitan police say the
Jan 3, 2013 6:00am PST
for these purposes. i just wanted to say to jim perkins and beverly and kathy i feel i will be doing this a lot tonight but as someone that worked in the system as a domestic violence prosecutor and i am sure president mazzucco feels the same way i lived the changes that you all made happen. you improved our system. you created 400 recommendations that kept women and families safe in this city, and as a participant in the system i saw the changes from the dedicated courtroom to the dedicated trained judges to the trainings at the police academy to the training for the prosecutors. none of that happens by accident. it happens by method logically and makings system change is not easy and 10 years later and i can remember -- gene rolins is here is talking about the audit. this has been lived and breathed and participated in by this city and by the city family, and without leadership and accountability -- you know, commissioner shorter we wouldn't have the gains that we had so i can't under score my gratitude for you and your leadership and sticking with it and it's hopeful to me when we want
Jan 22, 2013 9:00am EST
- "wwattare tte bbst 3 handles?" & 3 beverly --"howwdo i eliminaae under beverly --"how do i 3 beverly - ""ow do i 3 eliminate under arm fat and around the back? 3 p brandon - "i 3 normally workout for 1 hr 30 3 mins on thh other days. am i pverrworking myself?" poming up... -3 3 britain's rince harry... returns rom deployment.what & he did... during his 20-week tour. 3 "i, baraak hhssein obama do solemnly swear..." swear..."and thousandd turned out tt watch reeident obama's not áthisá moment that had social media usees buzzing.up ádaughterá wws spotted doing.... durinn his speech. 3 you're watching fox 5 good day baltimooe. 3 3 -live ook downtown 3 3 garrett ounty public schools arr opening 2 hours late today. 3 3 - 3 3 p3 3 3 hhurs llte today.are opeeing 2 public schools arretttcounty puulic schools are opening 2 hours late today. 3 3 3& 3 shawan map 3 the murder case agginst miccael johnson is underwwy at this hour.he's theeman accused of illing orth carolina teenager phylicia barree two years aao here in baltim
Jan 13, 2013 3:00pm PST
a problem. >> i have a problem? >> it's up for the best comedy. let's go to beverly hills with the director of "the silver linings playbook." take it away. >> you are interrupting our conversation with david russell. >> congratulations. best screen play tonight. all kinds of nominations for the oscars. we are at the golden globes. this was a labor of love for you. >> yes, it took five years to get written. i wrote it for my son who has mood disorders. they gave it to me and said how are you going to get the humor and heart break of it. >> and the hope. >> the magic, ultimately. i had to give my son the message. i'm delighting the audience is accepting it. it's not just screen play, it's jennifer lawrence and bradley cooper. >> they did all right. >> they are here tonight. >> i think it's what's kind of touched so many people about this movie. so many families struggle with mental illness and these issues in their own home. they see this movie and i have to tell you, bradley cooper, i had an aunt who was diagnosed with bipolar. he nails this role. i sat there and i said i have lived this sce
Jan 17, 2013 12:35am PST
in beverly hills as a sort of yogi to the stars. among them, michael jackson, shirley maclaine, and martin sheen. you've built an empire. >> i've built an empire. why not? half a billion people have been benefited directly, indirectly from bikram. >> reporter: half a billion? >> half a billion people benefited. >> reporter: bikram has certainly benefited. he has a warehouse of luxury cars. >> beatles take two movies with this car. >> reporter: his hobby is restoring them, perfecting them the same way he perfects people's bodies with his yoga. >> exactly the way you rebuild a car, same way i rebuild human body. >> reporter: bikram insists his yoga won't just improve your body and invigorate your sex life, he claims it saves lives. >> i cure patient, absolutely no hope. 98% heart was clogged. send him to me. eight months later, i send him back, brand-new heart, like a panther heart. >> reporter: in fairness, i was willing to try it. not exactly reaching nirvana, but lightheaded enough to want more. i survived. >> you should do this yoga. >> reporter: this american guru now has uniquely ameri
Jan 6, 2013 11:00pm PST
he told junie morgan he wanted a bungalow built on top of the hill he would go to beverly hills to die. near his doctors he would hang on for four more years still unwilling to give up the life he had so extravagantly lived. wealthy beyond imagination he had power, but never the presidency. he had the glitter of hollywood all around him but he never became the king of hollywood. throughout his lifetime he was passionately loved and just as passionately hated. time magazine once wrote of william randolph hurst. quote, no other press ever matched the hurst press for flamboyant and insightment of mass hysteria, end quote. on august 19, the founder of one of the greatest publishing empires in the world died. with the leader gone, jock i canning for power began at once. the first to fall was marian davis. she was asleep when hurst died in her beverly hills home. the hurst administration arranged to have his body removed. when she awakened she did not know that he was dead. she was reportedly heartbroken that after 36 years it would end like this. but the hurst corporation continued t
Jan 7, 2013 6:30am PST
. >> thanks beverly. we are running really late. i will keep it brief. language access is a safety issue. we talked about officers securing the scene and worried about the safety of individuals and involved with their own safety when they come upon the scene trying to figure out what is happening. language access can be the difference between a dv homicide happening or not happening. for my organization, where we work every day on civil/legal remedies and integration remedies for dv survivors it is something we encounter on record basis. the dv survivor community that we work with, primarily immigrant, limited english proficient, they will not be a big events or have all the access to some of the information that comes out now. in addition, they are also not likely to be people who will complain. the people who hear those complaints are me and other attorneys who do the kind of work that we do and legal services and social services agencies. they're not likely to call occ to make a complaint. i think anything that relies purely on occ complaints or some other kind of data will
Jan 15, 2013 10:00pm PST
watched on the east coast. thank you. >> president: next speaker. >> my name is beverly hubbard i leave at 277 sagamore, right at the end where the project is opposed to end. they are already digging. it is the end of the project. my neighbor's garden is right next to my friends and i have been seeing him working. he is 83 years old. does not speak that much english. his daughter represent him. he has been using the property for quite a while for his garden because it has been nothing out there; it's been a big empty lot for years. i have lived this in 1979. it's been empty all these years. i just could not understand how they could even build anything on the project. i am for habitat for humanity; it's a wonderful organization but i have a map that i got from the assessor's office a long time ago. it shows a whole block, all of the houses along the block, this one narrow strip of property where they will be building 28 houses. behind that is the lot 41 which belongs to the state. behind that is -- boulevard of the freeway. these houses will be backed up to - we get noise from the
Jan 24, 2013 12:35am EST
in beverly hills. and they get all the perks that come with it. breast augmentation. who's had their breasts done? >> i have. four times. >> reporter: botox, love it or hate it? >> love. >> who's had lipo? >> from here to here. [ laughter ] >> reporter: but no amount of botox can ward off aging and the pressure to stay perfect. just ask dayna devon, a former entertainment news anchor and wife to dr. brent mullican. >> in any other community in the world, this makes no sense. but it's hollywood. i wanted to continue working in television. you hit 40, you want to continue working in tv, there's some things you gotta think about. >> reporter: so she asked her husband to think, with everything from injections to nips and tucks. >> i wasn't ready to hang it up yet. i wanted to extend my shelf life a little bit. >> and when you look in the mirror now? >> i'm happy now. don't get me wrong, i'll still obsess about an acne scar or something, but i think most women do find things they obsess about. >> reporter: the other members of this tight knit club, meet veronica. >> my husband is dr. david matloc
FOX News
Jan 5, 2013 7:00pm PST
of any criminal intent at this time. and it is currently being investigated by the beverly hills police detectives. >> if you scratch the surface it didn't teak you long to find out she was still that little girl from new jersey and she wore fame and she was wonderful in it but she was always that little girl from new jersey geraldo our focus tonight, ladies and gentlemen is whether that little girl from new jersey, the legendary 48-year-old pop sentencinger whitney houston really died of an accidental drug overdose or was she as some are now claiming murdered? as a former chicago police officer and now top hollywood private eye alleges. with us to discuss the shocking allegations of murder cover up and videotape former newark, new jersey mayor and friends of both whitney houston and her controversial former husband bobby brown mayor sharp james is with me here in new york. the well known former homicide detective rod wheeler joins us from washington, d.c. and mike walker of the "national enquirer" is on board from his base in south, florida. mike let me start with you. welcome to all y
Jan 25, 2013 4:30am EST
and we'll talk about the weekend forecast and hey finally a warming trend headed our way. beverly farmer is in for monika with a look at timesaver traffic. >>> and howard, southbound interstate 95 in maryland better news. state highway officials and police have moved the crash onto the shoulder. southbound 95 between route 100 and 175. it's tough to see the familiaring lights in the shot here but now all lanes open they just moved all the activity onto the shoulder. there are still delays from the airport 100 southbound on i-95. and the caution for everybody still refreezing and the slick spots especially out of the neighborhood. back to you. >>> it is 4:41 and time for the first your money segment of the morning. >> all right dollars and cents for friday. good morning jess. >> this could be a problem today. microsoft disappointed investors, the latest tech giant. it says the profits slipped 4% last quarter even though there was solid demand for the new windows 8 software. still, analysts say windows 8 has not been able to reverse its slide in sales of personal computers. on wall street
Jan 21, 2013 5:30pm PST
reed, and beverly gage. >> brown: and we close with the words of a student poet, inspired by the second inaugural to write and perform her work, "change." >> like martin luther king i still have a dream that this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its eed and bring the people a new breed change. the mounting death toll in algeria now includes three americans. that, and other important stories, will be at the end of the program tonight. that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. >> and by the alfred p. sloan foundation. supporting science, technology, and improved economic performance and financial literacy in the 21st century. >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... >> this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> brown: washington and the nation were witness again today to the quadrennial pomp and colo
Jan 21, 2013 11:00am EST
university and george reed of harvard and beverly of yale university. beverly there are a lot of connections to today, martin luther king, civil war, all kinds of things. >> it is a great day of anniversaries so it is martin luther king day as we know and also the 50th anniversary of king's speech in washington on this same site. we are looking at the sesquicentennial of the civil war and also of the emancipation proclamation and the 100th anniversary there and it's a day with historical significance and i think luckily these are the kinds of moments that barack obama tends to shine. >> george washington gave the shortest speech ever, four sentences, 135 words or something like that. what are we expecting today? >> we don't expect history to repeat itself. george washington at that point was rather p.o.ed at his treatment in the media of the day. george washington, his private secretary said no sound on earth could compete with that of george washington swearing a blue streak. short of that, he didn't want to run for a second term anyway so he gave his very short, very odd, almost dare to co
FOX News
Jan 27, 2013 9:00pm PST
to washington, d.c. where peter sweitzer shows us how astin in beverly hills they have nothing on our nation's capitol. washington, d.c. is america's new boom town. we traditionally think of the nation's capitol as a town of museums and monuments increasingly washington, d.c. is a town of luxurious living. this is a town where you can buy italian sports cars, ferrari, lamborghini, maserati. >> we have destination and location borders two wealthiest counties in the united states of america. so it's -- so we have a lot of customers in this area who can afford our cars and we don't need to advertise. >> when you get a complaint from the factory, complaint is you have too many cash buyers. because usually the other way around. some people are trying to reach, you know their income so they can qualify to buy a product. now a case they can very comfortably afford and it pay cash. >> or if you prefer fine wine that's available as well. >> they are interested in award winning wines. they know what they are looking for. >> a lot of wineries have to make like a throw away wine. but we can't sell that
Jan 15, 2013 11:00pm PST
] barry bonds crib in beverly hills is up for sale it can be yours for a mere $25 million bonds bought it in 2002 for $8.7 million so he'll be making a nice little profit it's a 7 bedroom, 14 bathroom house with a theater room, wine room, gym, spa and elevator on nearly 2 acres he lives in one side, and that the water flows of the other, they are in the process of getting a divorce. apart -- wife is on the other side of the house. >> pam: good night, everybody.
Jan 3, 2013 8:30am PST
and the material beverly upton who keeps moving around back there. concerning our most vulnerable. in october we built a space in our most secure floor, behind locked doors, a place for children, and many of the folks behind me contributed to making it nice. everybody has been sitting together, we are altogether all the time anyway. in october, domestic violence, elder abuse, missing persons, juvenile violence, came together under one roof. a putting the human trafficking task force regional effort. even though we are in the middle of hiring 1000 officers over the next six years, a critical piece of that and i will read this draft, officers convicted of domestic violence shall not be considered. it will be policy. we have about 5000 applicants so far in the first 10 days. i want the message to be clear that there is no place in the san francisco police department for those folks. that is my shtick. the captaincy work hard to bring you up to speed about the domestic violence unit, now part of svu and what they do in san francisco. we are committed to keep san francisco safe regardles
Jan 21, 2013 3:00pm PST
of george mason university, and beverly gage of yale university. and let me start with you. all kinds of history was out there today. right? >> absolutely brown: what echos did you hear in the president's speech? >> i was very, very much struck by his use of the declaration of independence, the words about all men are created equal to make the case for a comor collective vision of what we're supposed to do so in america. his linking with the pursuit of happiness and liberty which is typically thought of as something that is individualistic. the echos of a community, ideas of people working together were very, very strong. i thought it was surprising in a way because he's not a president who often invokes the founders. certainly not by name. this was very, very much on his mind. >> brown: beverly, what jumped out at you? >> i think we a lot of historic occasions being marked here so we had the 50th anniversary of martin luther king's speech in washington. we have the 150th anniversary of the civil war, but actually what really resonated for me were the ways in which he seemed to be ado
Jan 12, 2013 6:00pm PST
? so the pressure is on for all those party planners. >>> tomorrow night in beverly hills, stars from film and tv will walk the red carpet for the 70th annual "golden globe awards." the event will run about three hours. after all the hardware is handed out, it will be time to party. ted chen from our sister station in los angeles has a look for us. >> reporter: one party will be a copacabana, another environmental chic, another will have a chocolate room. the golden globe post parties are known for elegance and extravagance, and this year they'll also be environmentally friendly at the party on the rooftop of the beverly hilton. there will be panels made of wood, energy efficient lighting and wood floors. here's what it will hook like wh look like when it's done. the theme is to bring the outdoors in. >> we are trying to be at the forefront of showing you can have fancy and wonderful and black-tie-worthy events that are environmentally forward thinking and take into account leaving as little of a footprint as we can. >> reporter: all the stars of "les miserables" will be here. the cel
Jan 25, 2013 4:00am EST
, beverly farmer will have time saver traffic. but let's start with this. this is the way things looked yesterday morning outside. it's not snowing right now and we are expecting more snow coming up this afternoon and evening. >> a number of school systems have already canceled today and others have delays for the afternoon. you can read those at the bottom of our screen or you can go to the website. wusa if you haven't done so already download the app on your ipad. at the top you will see cancellations, when you see your school, click on the star. it will be marked as one of your favorites. so the next time the school is closed for any reason, it will pop up right away. you won't have to scroll through all of the other schools and districts. >> i didn't know that. you'll also see them at the bottom of your television screen. >>> okay, look who's here now. good morning howard. >> surprised some are closed. it will start earlier out west. in the mountains of western maryland and west virginia you're going to see more and it's going to come in earlier. i can understand that but you
Jan 11, 2013 4:00pm EST
from beverly hills of all places. back in a moment. >>> welcome back. earnings season picks up big time next week. mary thompson joins us now to highlight what could move your money. mary, what should we watch for. >> reporter: maria, it's going to be a big week. 40 members of the s&p 500 will be reporting. specialty coatings firm ppg kicks things off on monday. we'll see if strength in the auto industry translates into profits for this firm and lennar reports and wednesday it's all about the benjamins and banks that handle them, goldman and jpmorgan among the bakes reporting. net interest margins for the commercials, ebay and schwab also on the docket. focus on financial continues on thursday with bank of america, citi and black rock reporting. citi's ceo first call. we'll be listening. dow components and intel report, too, along with the f-reeport damage mcmoran and schlumberger and we expect the hedge fund manager recently with the position on morgan stanley, and he could be looking to shank things up. we'll be watching that story, maria. back to you. >> thanks very much. a lot of ac
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 263 (some duplicates have been removed)